Terms & Policies



After making a reservation, a confirmation will be sent to you by email. If you do not receive this confirmation email the reservation is not registered and you should either try again, or get in touch via info@wilddineren.nl

(note that the confirmation email could be in your spam folder)


Cancelling is only possible by sending an email to: info@wilddineren.nl.

Cancelling is only possible by discretion of the organisers. Since Wilddineren is an exclusive pop-up event, cancellation is only possible when a replacement is found. Either by Wilddineren or the booked person.

Wilddineren reserves the right to change or cancel a reservation up to 72 hours to the booked time. If applicable the full amount will be transferred back within 3 days.


When you participate in Wilddineren you understand that you’re not doing an everyday activity. It’s an exciting immersive dinning adventure, but also suitable for pregnant women and people of age 65 and above. Still, participating is at your own risk.


The event is 18+ only.


Grant your friends this experience and tell them about yours, but don’t tell the secrets. Consider yourself sworn to secrecy.


Wilddineren 2018